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Season 3


Episode S3-1

Gauntlet of Fire

9 September 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Tim McIntire as Lt. Wallach and William Windom as Colonel Christy also Ivor Barry as Air Marshal Kingsford.
The 918th has just finished 21 missions in the last 30 days. They have been bombing for Operation Point Blank, leading up to Operation Overlord the invasion of Normandy. A 10 day leave is authorized then canceled and instead they are assigned to fly the Overleaf missions, dropping leaflets over the French coast. Everyone is exhausted from Gallagher on down, General Britt requires all groups in the air.

Episode S3-2


16 September 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Michael Constantine as Vorodenko, and Kevin McCarthy as Major Baladin. Also stars William Wellman Jr. as the Aide to Lt. General Archie Old as Himself.
A shuttle raid is planned by 8th Air Force commander Lieutenant General Harry Owen. They will bomb the Ergen Oil Works in Poltava Russia, and hit Berlin on the way back. A straggling Russian bomber joins the formation and does not give any recognition signals or responds to Major Baladin's radio calls. The aircraft is shot down by Baladin against Gallagher's orders. Later we learn that the aircraft was piloted by a Russian hero, Major Tobulkan.
Waist Gunner's Note: William Wellman Jr., son of William Wellman Oscar wining director has a cameo in the episode.

During World War II Lt. General Archie Old flew 43 combat missions against Germany. He led the October 14, 1943 raid against a ball-bearing works at Schweinfurt, Germany. He was also the General commander of the 45th Combat Bomber Wing of the Eighth Air Force. Lt. Gen. Old flew the first shuttle bomb run from England to Russia in June 1944 and received the United States Army Distinguished Service Cross.

In response to headquarters directives about his flying combat missions Lt. Gen. Old is recorded as saying, "Every mission I make means that I'm that much more competent to advise the boys concerning their jobs. I'll go with them anywhere - Berlin, the Ruhr, and, more important, most of us will get back."

Episode S3-3

Face of a Shadow

23 September 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Jack Lord as Col. Yates Luciana Paluzzi as Carla.
The 918th is now temporarily part of the 15th Air Force. They fly to a base at Bellagio Italy commanded by Colonel Yates. Yates is a drunk and misfit base commander, who once was the Commanding Officer of the 918th. The village overlooks the air base, Gallagher feels the base is being attacked because of spies who live in the homes that can see the base and call in and set the range of the cannon fire from the hills.
Waist Gunner's Note: Jack Lord makes his second mission, but not a Joe's brother this time.

Pilot's Note: The medal on the left is; The Purple Heart a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those wounded or killed while serving, on or after April 5, 1917, with the U.S. military. With its forerunner, the Badge of Military Merit, which took the form of a heart made of purple cloth, the Purple Heart is the oldest military award still given to U.S. military members.

Episode S3-4

Fortress Weisbaden

30 September 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Commando Major Mallory. Bernard Fox as Sgt. Major Higgins. Also stars Christiane Schmidtmer as German girl Frieda von Heurtzel.
The RAF and USAAF are being pounded by concentrated flak over Wiesbaden, the latest Squadron was wiped out. General Britt tells Joe that RAF Air Vice Marshal Kingsford is out for Gallagher's head, the target must be destroyed or Britt will replace Gallagher. There is a radar Fire Control Station in the area. A team of British commandos, led by Major Mallory will parachute in and blow it up.
Flight Engineer's Trivia: Christiane Schmidtmer was a German actress and model.

Episode S3-5

A Distant Cry

7 October 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Robert Blake as Lt. John Eagle. Roy Thinnes as Capt. Pridie the flight instructor. Also stars Wayne Rogers as Lt. Fredricks.
Capt. Pridie a top notch instrument flight instructor, comes to Archbury to check out the battle harden veterans. Everyone is ticked off that a school house pilot is going to review their flying skill. Lt. Eagle knows Pride from flight school, but the Captain ignores they were once friends and jams up Lt. Eagle hard on his evaluation when there is fog and they must divert and land in France at a safe zone base K-3. The flight instructor goes to war.
Navigator's Trivia: Flying on instruments was not yet and accepted procedure at this time in flying history. If you could not see, you did not fly was the rule. Then came Radar which revolutionized flight.

Episode S3-6

Practice to Deceive

14 October 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Eduard Franz as Adm. von Kreuter. Diana Hyland is Heidi Voss the Admiral's daughter. Also stars John Van Dreelen as German Colonel von Datz and Jan Merlin as Major Straser and Curt Lowens as Father Berthold.
Gallagher is shot down in a P-51 Mustang on a secret mission. Joe is captured and beaten by the Germans, while on the way to the hospital he escapes with the aide of a beautiful girl. She is part of and underground, a conspiracy is led by Admiral von Kreuter, who is her father. The German major is part of the plot to kill Hitler, Joe meets with the group and is captured again, and escapes and steals and airplane to bring the Admiral back to England and negotiate a separate peace.
Pilot's Note: Diana Hyland died at age 41 of cancer.

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Episode S3-7

The All-American

28 October 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Norman Fell as Major Praeger. Mart Hulswit as Lt. Ted Masters, The ALL American. Also stars Robert Doyle as Captain Glen King.
Ted Master's an all American Aahlete and is assigned to the 918th. He comes equipped with his own Press Officer Major Praeger. Ted wants to fly, but Gallagher assigns him as Assistant Adjutant. Later Joe checks him out, and assigns him as an alternate co-pilot. He is assigned to Capt. King's aircraft operating the bomb run camera. During the mission most of the crew is wounded including the pilot and Master's lands the plane. He rescues the crew by pulling them from the burning aircraft.

Episode S3-8

The Pariah

4 November 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Robert Walker Jr. as Master Sgt. Reiniger (Alias Herman Schultz) . Albert Salmi as the mean German Maj. Brunner. Also stars Peter Duryea as Staff Sgt. Hunter, son of famous actor Dan Duryea, Peter makes his second mission of the series.
Sandy captures Master Sergeant Schultz looking for the 918th. He has a German accent; he turns out to be a specialist from G-2 on the Muhlendorf Stetten factory, the next target. After the bomb run they land in a field in Russia but it has been captured by Germans. The Germans interrogate the men and pick out Schultz. They find out who he is then the German Major protecting them is killed, others take command and order the Americans shot, because the Russians are closing in.
Bombardier's Trivia: PARIAH means, one that is despised or rejected. Also, Albert Salmi, he and his wife died in a murder/suicide at their home in 1990.

Episode S3-9

The Fighter Pilot

11 November 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Don Gordon as Capt. Dominic Dejohn. Marlyn Mason as Margo Demarest.
New planes and crews arrive at Archbury, aboard are WACS assigned to Wing led by Staff Sergeant Margo Demarest, she is an old friend of Gallagher's and three Ace fighter pilots from the Pacific are ferrying some new P-51 to the 511th Fighter Squadron. They buzz the airfield to impress Margo and Gallagher is furious. Major Davidson asks for their orders, Dejohn explains that their orders are in their B-4 bags which were lost. Gallagher assigns them temporarily (TDY) to the 918th.
Radioman's Note: Don Gordon makes his second mission with the series.

Episode S3-10

To Seek and Destroy

18 November 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Richard Anderson as Brig. Gen. Doud. David Frankham as Group Captain Anthony Carmichael.
A V-1 rocket crashes in Sweden, the allies want to get it. They recruit a rocket expert Group Captain Anthony Carmichael. Carmichael is in civilian clothes in the Star & Bottle and he and Sandy have a tiff. Sandy finds him drunk later passed out on a bench. On the mission, Gallagher, Carmichael and Komansky fly to Sweden in an unmarked plane. They have engine trouble and the compass fails so they follow a German plane in to land at the airfield.

Episode S3-11

Burden of Guilt

2 December 1966 48 Min.
Stars: James Broderick as Col. Hollenbeck. Wesley Addy as Major General Fox. Also stars Richard Anderson as Brig. General. Doud
Major General Fox is putting pressure on Brigadier General Doud to bomb the Sub Pens at Nordensholm. They have bombed three times and hit the wrong targets. Colonel Hollenbeck has been leading the 52nd Bomb Group, Doud replaces him and reassigns him to the 918th to prepare them for an attack against Nordensholm. Hollenbeck as the senior Colonel wants to lead the mission and delays calling Gallagher back from leave. Gallagher arrives but Hollenbeck will lead the mission.

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Episode S3-12

The Ace

9 December 1966 48 Min.
Stars: James Whitmore as Col. Harry Connelly.
Colonel Harry Connelly is up for the Medal of Honor for the pinpoint bombing of a radar station without hitting the church next door in Italy. "Con" has done 43 skip bombing missions in Europe and the Pacific. In Adelberg the Germans have a group of scientists working on the Atomic Bomb. All around them they have placed POW's including high ranking officers. Connelly is currently doing Transitional Training in London and is called on do one last precision bombing mission.

Episode S3-13

Six Feet Under

16 December 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Jean-Michel Michenaud as Jacques and Martin Milner as Major Dimscek.
The 52nd Division 3rd Bn captures Argenteau Area Six Air Defense HQ in a cellar. Sandy and Gallagher go to France on a scouting mission for forward bases and they are ordered into investigate the documents. Once there the area comes under attack and help is cut off. With the Germans closing in, and the German speaking American dead, they are left with a German radio; the situation appears to be hopeless in the face of the advancing enemy.

Episode S3-14

The Duel at Mont Saint Marie

23 December 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Joseph Campanella as Father Roman. Edward Mulhare as German Colonel Schotten. Also stars Lilia Skala as Sister Marthe.
The Duel at Mont Saint Marie is holding up the Army advance, General Doud orders Joe to bomb the Convent which is known to have Nuns inside. Joe refuses and begs to fly a recon and find another way to disable the German guns on top of Mont Saint Marie. The mission is delayed 24 hours. Joe and Sandy parachute in, and lead a commando team to silence the guns. Mean while the Germans place children inside the convent and the Nuns will not leave defying Joe's request.
Tail Gunner's Trivia: Edward Mulhare makes his second mission in this episode. Lilia Skala in real life did just barely escape from the Nazis in 1930 from her homeland of Austria.

Episode S3-15


30 December 1966 48 Min.
Stars: Ossie Davis as Major Glenn Like. Jon Voight as Capt. Holtke. Also stars Geoffrey Deuel as and American pilot and Chris Anders as the German Pilot.
On a mission with a General as and observer Gallagher and his crew have to bail out. They land in France which is held by the Americans. They meet a Major of a hospital unit and move the wounded into the field hospital. Sandy has and uneasiness about the Major and his subordinates. Unbeknownst to anyone there is a German officer on the loose in the area. The General from the plane is hurt and the Major prepares to conduct surgery. After a while Sandy thinks he knows the Major.

Episode S3-16

Long Time Dead

6 January 1967 48 Min.
Stars: Peter Graves as Captain Dula. Tom Skerritt as Tech. Sgt. Neely.
Captain Dula lost his ship on the second mission, he is under evaluation. He seems to get confused when flying and cannot remember what happens and makes rash decisions. He goes on a mission as navigator and when Joe is knocked out, he flys the airplane back to England, but not before accusing Komansky of mutiny. A letter comes from a survivor of Dula's downed aircraft telling the story of what really happened.
  Dialogue Dialogue  
Pilot's Note: Tom Skeritt makes fifth and final mission in the series.

Episode S3-17

The Hunters and the Killers

13 January 1967 48 Min.
Stars: Ralph Bellamy as Commodore Crampton. Ahna Capri as Terry Cahill.

Navigator's Note: Ahna died young after a fatal car accident in 2010 at age 66.
There is one more Wolf Pack left in the Atlantic, and Commodore Leon Crampton, U.S. Navy, is charged with finding and sinking the pack. He will do this by using the B-17's of the 918th. However, the Commodore is and old enemy of Joe's father, Lt. Gen Max Gallagher. The sparks fly and the Commodore learns that air power is here to stay and can be of great assistance to U.S. Navy ships. Sgt. Komansky meets his opposite number in a Navy sailor who works for the Commodore.
Wing Commanders Note: A fitting last episode.... Joe is injured and is relived of command of the 918th, his recuperation will be stateside and the Commodore will bring him home on his flagship to his father.

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